Collins Cleaners Loves Horse Blankets!

A few years back, Shelby and I needed to clean some horse blankets for our daughter's new horse hobby. We found very few options.

  • A laundromat. Who wants to spend half the day, get dirty looks, wash the blankets twice, spend a ton of money getting them dry and then having to go home and spray on waterproofing. Shelby almost killed me.
  • Hanging them off a fence. They never really got clean.
  • Use our home washer. We had to wash them one at the time and considered bolting the washer to the floor.

After I talked Shelby into putting down the frying pan we decide to take them to work!

Now unlike most people, Shelby and I own a Dry Cleaners, so we thought let's research the best products and wash programs and make it simple. It took almost a year of testing, but we finally found the best process. What we did not foresee was that other horse families had the same problems so as we went to shows more and more people asked us to do theirs too! A few years later those little 5 blankets we cleaned grew into over 2,000 a year.

Shelby and I are always grateful you let us care for you and your horse. Thank you for letting us be part of the family.

Our Pick-up and Delivery is free, and the turnaround time is two weeks.


Heavy Blankets$22
Light Blankets$19
Pony Blankets$15
Saddle Pads Small$5.55
Saddle pads Large$11.05
Hood or Tail FreeFREE
Wash in waterproofing$15
RepairsCustomer Approval up to $50 or call for estimate