commercial laundry service charlotte nc

Alterations: Collins Cleaners offers expert alterations. When your favorite jeans need a zipper, you can trust us to do the job right. Currently we are working on a on-site alteration facility at the Brookshire location. We will be very pleased to provide personal tailoring and fitting soon.

Wedding Gowns: Your Wedding gown deserves expert care. At Collins Cleaners, we provide many Wedding gown options. Whether you need a gown package that includes pressing before pictures and delivery to the church or just a cleaning and preservation we can make your gown beautiful.

Shoe Repair: No one wants to let go of their favorite shoes and with our easy shoe repair you don't have to. We care for hundreds of shoes each year. Need a sole, heel or tap? Give us a couple of days it they will be new again.
Horse blankets: Keeping horse blankets clean, repaired and waterproofed is a big dirty job. At Collins Cleaners, we not only offer free pickup & delivery to your home or barn but we have the best soaps and waterproofing out there. Your horse blanket needs to be washed or dry cleaned at the proper temperature and with gentle soaps. We have the equipment and take the time to care for them the right way.

Restoration: When you have a flood or fire at your home the last thing you need to worry about is are my clothes, linens and households going to survive. Collins Cleaners has the knowledge and experience to restore your items. We work with your Insurance or restoration company to get your life back to normal as soon as possible.

Leather: When your leather jacket needs a light or a deep-down cleaning Collins Cleaners will do a great job. Leather is not cleaned the same way as clothes so you need a professional to care for them. At Collins Cleaners we handle leather all the time.

Rugs: Having your rugs professionally cleaned is one of the best ways to keep them in great shape. We clean rigs of all shapes, sizes and materials. Best of all our pickup and delivery is free.

Exclusive: Collins Cleaners is one of the few dry cleaners that offers hand finished shirts and suits. We are currently working on providing anyone who uses this service with high end wooden hangers and handmade collar stays. This is an exclusive on demand shirt and suit service.