Pick Up & Delivery

Dry Cleaning: At Collins Cleaners, we hold ourselves to a higher standard. Dry cleaning is all about doing what is best for the clothes. Quality equipment, well trained spotters and cleaners ensure your clothes are in the best hands.

Laundry: Because of today’s ever changing clothing market Collins Cleaners utilizes several specialty washers and wet cleaning machines. Having multiple soaps and dozens of spotting agents on hand ensures stain removal.

Comforters: It is a safe bet Collins Cleaners cares for more comforters in the Charlotte and surrounding area than anyone. Comforters can need lots of special care and experience. At Collins Cleaners comforters are spotted by hand and in most cases cleaned in multiple ways to clean and protect them.

Household Items: Many household items are very delicate and require cleaning by hand. Collins Cleaners has lots of experience restoring old items or just refreshing your newer ones.

Wash/Dry/Fold: There is no mystery to wash/dry/fold but there is a huge time saving aspect. When you use Collins Cleaners free pickup and delivery wash/dry/fold laundry service you will really free up hours of your family time.